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Welcome to The Marion County Medical Society

The Marion County Medical Society is located in the Presbyterian Manse Circa 1895 home in the historic district of beautiful downtown Ocala. 

The Marion County Medical Society began with five physicians and has grown to number 265 physicians serving the Marion County area. 

What can the Marion County Medical Society do for you?  The Society offers a number of services to the public such as educational  training information on physician members (e.g. place and dates of medical training, specialty, board certification, etc.)  While the Society does not recommend one physician over another, it may offer various alternatives concerning specialties, open or closed practices and what type of physician is needed for specific medical problems.  

“We Care” is the indigent care program sponsored by The Marion County Medical Society.  Through “We Care”, area physicians donate their services to those who have no other means of accessing medical care.  This program is performed in conjunction with the Heart of Florida Health Center, Marion County Community Services, local hospitals and the kindness of many specialty care physicians. 

In addition, the MCMS offers members community representation, public relations, continuing medical education, networking opportunities, educational dinner meetings and several social events per year and quarterly newsletter  publications  known as “Progress Notes”.

Your county medical society is here to promote the health and well-being of all the citizens of Marion County. We look forward to helping you stay healthy!


Marion County Medical Society Insurance Trust 

Affordable health insurance for you, your family, and your staff. Available only to physicain-owned practices and members of the Marion County Medical Society.

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MCMS Membership

Become a member today! Learn about the value and benefits of membership in the Marion County Medical   There's more than you might think.CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE
WeCare Program
The WeCare Program of Marion County provided over $5.5 million in donated volunteer services fiscal year 2017-2018.

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